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Venice restaurants

The Italians take their cuisine very seriously and Venice offers the gourmand a fabulous palette to choose from.

Seafood is a big feature of the Venetian diet and the best restaurants source it locally from the Lagoon, so your catch will always be fresh. Here are some of our favorite restaurants in the city.

There are two golden rules for eating well in Venice. First, don’t take pot luck: this is a tourist-trap city where a recommendation by a local, or a well-researched guide, is well worth heeding. Second, though, you may have heard that Italy is a country that eats late, Venice is an exception – some of the best-value foodie bars and bacaros (the bacaro is a peculiarly Venetian take on the Spanish tapas joint) serve lunch from noon to 1.30pm, dinner from 7pm to around 8.30pm, and pull down the shutters soon after.

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